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This program is sponsored by the Noble Foundation, Wooster, Ohio.

The Ice Skating Institute is pleased to present the Ice Arena Institute of Management's (iAIM) Distance Learning Program. These training materials can lead to certification in ice arena management, programming or operations. Students seeking to earn certificates in any track can register for and access the required courses online. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can register and access this invaluable resource at any time.

You must register to access iAIM online course materials, resources, and information that are specifically developed to help you succeed in Ice Arena Management, Programming and Operations. 

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An abbreviated, demonstration course (part of the marketing course in the Management Track) is accessible for free. Click here to see more.

Syllabi for each certificate program are available:

Certificate of Arena Programming (iAIM 100)
Certificate of Arena Operations (iAIM 200)
Certificate of Arena Management (iAIM 300)
Certificate of Arena Design (not offered on-line; you must attend a school to complete this course)

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more!
Register here to access course materials....24 hours a day, seven days a week, from wherever there's an Internet connection. $295 (members) $495 (non-members) per certificate track.
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